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Tramadol is a prescription medication and is a controlled substance. Buy Tramadol 100mg online to relieve you of the symptoms of moderate to moderately severe pain and even acute or chronic pain.

Adult dosage considerations

For chronic pain, initially, 25mg is given orally in the morning every day. It is increased by 25 to 50mg per day after an interval of every three days up to fifty to hundred mg oral dose every four to six hours as per the requirement. In case of acute pain the recommended dose is fifty to hundred mg orally after every four to six hours depending on your health condition. However, it should not be more than 400 mg per day.

Extended-release tablet or capsule for round-the-clock treatment of chronic pain must not be crushed, dissolved, chewed or split. In the beginning 100mg should be taken orally once a day. Thereafter it can be increased by 100mg per day after a gap of every five days. The maximum dose you can take in a day should not exceed 300mg daily. Buy 100mg Tramadol for pain for instant and effective pain management.

Pediatric dosage considerations

It is not safe to treat patients less than seventeen years with immediate release. 

For acute pain, initially fifty to hundred mg tablets can be given orally every four to six hours to patients seventeen years and older as per the requirement. The dosage cannot exceed 400mg per day. For chronic pain, the initial dose of 25mg orally per day is prescribed. It can be increased by 25 to 50mg per day after every three days like separate doses up to fifty to hundred mg oral dose after four to six hours as per the need. It should not go beyond 400mg per day. Order Tramadol online for quick and effective relief from chronic or acute pain.

Geriatric dosage considerations:

In case of patients below 65 years begin the treatment at the lowest possible range and then increase the dose gradually. However, it should not go beyond 300mg per day in case of patients 75 years and above.

For patients below 75 years the dosage should be limited to 300mg of daily dose in the immediate release tablet. Buy Tramadol to stay away from the pain of moderate to moderately severe in intensity.


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